Some parents and carers have notified us of their concerns about the lack of physical distancing between adults outside the school gates at pick-up times. If you are picking up your child/ren, please observe 2-metres physical distancing (as per Scottish Government Guidance) from other families who are doing the same.

It would be a great pity if all of the work being done in school on hygiene, hand-washing, staggered breaks and playground time-tabling to keep groups separate throughout the day was undone by a lack of physical distancing by adults outside of the school gates.

Physical distancing is an important mitigation to help limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus and, as we are constantly reminded by the Scottish Government, should be viewed as everyone’s own personal responsibility.

Please help us protect your children by maintaining 2-metre physical distancing from other adults and children when picking up at home-time. Thank you for your support in this crucial matter.

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