It has been a very busy week in Primary 4 with so much hard work and effort on display. The pupils have been continuing to explore the SHANARRI indicators this week. We have also been looking at feelings and strategies to help us when we aren’t quite feeling ourselves. The pupils have found some great ways to help themselves and each other and it has reinforced what a kind and caring year group we have! Next week we will start our topic all about resilience and achieving our goals and we’ll be starting with Moana as well as looking at some Polynesian artwork in the style of John Pule.

We have continued to look at division and multiplication and have seen the pupils become more and more confident challenging themselves and tackling harder problems. Pupils have been using their own strategies to try and learn their tables and answer problems and we will continue to develop their knowledge of times tables in a range of ways. In maths we have developed further our skills in measuring and have looked at how to convert from metres to centimetres and what would be the best way of measuring specific objects.

Pupils have been so engaged and have been very much pushing themselves in writing and we have seen so much creativity and enthusiasm in their stories and they have written some very interesting adventures. We have seen pupils exploring space, jungles, the sea and even had a few writing about falling through the sky. The stories have been dramatic, descriptive and we are impressed with the variety of writing on display!

Please remember that PE takes place outdoors on Monday and Friday so ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather that day. Pupils come to school in the PE kit and will stay in their kit for the day. Please note that the children should also bring a full bottle of water to school each day. This can be refilled upon request throughout the day.

Thank you for all your continued hard work and support,

Miss Clark and Mr Woodward

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