Good Morning.
The Primary 1 children are continuing to do well in school. We are impressed by how quickly they have settled into school life and picked up our routines, well done! We are not giving out formal homework just now but appreciate that many parents would like to support their children at home with the work we do in class. Therefore we will be posting a few ideas of activities you can do at home on the blog each week. If you would like to share your child’s work with us you can post a photo of it on the learning journals. We will be issuing letters about how to access the learning journals in the coming days.
This week in phonics we are learning the sounds ‘s’ and ‘i’. The children are learning to write these letters neatly and to think of words with these sounds at the start. At home you could try going on a ‘sound hunt’ around your house or garden looking for objects with these sounds at the start (stick, scissors, insect etc). We will also be starting ‘reading lessons’ this week. At the moment we are reading wordless books focusing on the characters in the story and using the pictures to describe what is happening. We will not be sending any books home and so if you would like to practise these skills at home why don’t you find a book in your house for your child to talk through. Look for the front cover, the title of the book and discuss the characters, the setting and what is happening in each picture.
In maths we are working on numbers 0-5, how to form them correctly, order them and count out amounts. At home you can play All 3 sections; counting, matching and ordering will be good learning opportunities for the Primary 1s. Please also practise writing these numbers neatly. Number 2 and 5 are particularly difficult for children.
PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Your child can come to school dressed for PE these days, however, we ask that they wear a school jumper on top of their clothes.
Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school each day.
It is really helpful if you name all your child’s clothing so that lost items can be returned.
Thank you for all your support
Miss Daun and Miss Christy
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