What another fantastic week in Primary 1! We learned how to read, write and recognise the sounds ‘s’ and ‘I’ and explored this through our Jolly Phonics programme. We had the opportunity to think of words and animals that begin with the letter sounds and practised our ‘i’ on our igloos.  We were introduced to more characters in our ORT reading books and looked at the picture clues in our book to help us comprehend the text. During writing we learned to write about a time we felt excited and used our picture plan to help us with our writing. We are now beginning to use some of the sounds we have learned so far in our writing. We have also been learning the common words; I, in and it.

In maths we were consolidating the numbers 1-5 and practised forming them correctly and making sets of these numbers. We loved using playdough in the class to make these numbers too!

In health we focused on being responsible and included. We explored this through circle time and we even made our own paper chains! We created a class ‘kindness’ box and made pictures of kind things that we are going to do this week. We will keep this going in our classroom every day to encourage kindness across Primary 1!

Thank you for all of your continued support at home,

Primary 1 teachers

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