Primary 1 Parents are invited........ - Lochardil Primary School

Primary 1 have had another super week in school.  Our teachers are so proud of them!

Here are some of their thoughts…

Laila – I liked doing the jigsaws.  I did it all.  It’s a choo choo one.

David – I liked doing everything!

Connor – I made number 6.  I liked the story, Katie Morag.

Evie – We went outside with Mrs Gaffney.  I loved it.

Rosie – I like drawing on the board.  I can draw good number 2s.

Olivia – I played in the dolls house.

Michael – I played with the lego.

Grace – We learned ‘e’ (letter) egg starts with ‘e’.  I decorated Elmer.

Darren – I liked the story.  Kipper got a hair cut.  I did cutting out today.

Macey – I built a really, really, really tall tower.

Hope – I liked getting a sticker.  I liked writing.

Zoe – I drew a picture of my face.  I did a good picture,

Charlie – I made a big, big tower.

Rosie – We made patterns and I can do good ones with circles and triangles.




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