Primary 1 have had another busy couple of weeks. We have taken a break from learning new sounds and instead are consolidating our learning of the letters learnt so far (a,t,s,i,p and n). The children have been practising finding the letters on a magnetic letter board, writing them neatly and thinking of words with each sound at the start.
In maths we have been learning the numbers 1-10, how to count out amounts and write them correctly. This week we are moving on to a short series of lessons on measure. We will be measuring how long different objects are using everyday objects, for example how many shoes long is the desk. You can practise doing this at home. We will also be using balance scales to explore the concept of weight, looking at the language of heavier and lighter. This week we are handing out homework for the first time. Attached to this blog is a grid with a few activities you can do at home to extend your child’s learning.   Homework 28.9.20 number formation (homework) There are 4 starred activities which must be completed, the other 2 ideas are optional. If you would like to share the learning your child has done at home, we recommend that you post a photo and short comment on their learning journal. We are also handing out reading books this week. They are to be brought in to school every day since we will be reading with the children throughout the week. At the moment our reading focus is on book skills (identifying the front page, title and author and talking about what is happening in each picture). The reading books will be collected in on a Friday and new books issued on a Monday after a 72 hour quarantine.
A reminder that PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Your child can come to school these days in PE kit with a school jumper.
Thanks for all your support. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Miss Daun and Miss Christy
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