We are starting homework this week and on a Monday we will post new activities on the blog. Today you will find links to the homework sheets – one for P1 and one for P2.  Your child will also bring home a reading book on a Monday and should practise at home as often as possible. Please bring the book into school every day. On a Friday we will collect in the books and issue new ones on a Monday. 

P1 28th Sept

P2 28th Sept

number formation

Primary 1 learning

We have been consolidating our knowledge of the letters a,s,i,t,p and n and have been playing lots of games and activities to help us with this. In reading we are continuing to work with wordless books, discussing the pictures to understand the stories. 

In numeracy we have been working with the numbers 1-10 to build our confidence in writing, recognising and making sets of these numbers. This week in maths we are going to be measuring objects using things like cubes or even our feet! We will also be weighing and will be comparing different objects to see which are heavier or lighter.

Primary 2 learning

We’ve been continuing to work on sh,ch,th sounds and will be introducing ‘ng’ this week. It would be great if you could help your child by encouraging them to recognise these sounds in different words. 

In reading we have been using the sounds we know to help us read tricky words. We’ve been thinking about the characters in our stories and how they might be feeling.

 In number we are continuing to work with numbers up to 20 and beyond.  This week we will be measuring using metre sticks and weighing using kilograms which will be lots of fun!

PE and music

PE days are on Tuesday and Wednesday and we are working on ball skills. Children should come to school dressed in their PE kit on those days.  We also have music with Mr Shanks on a Monday which the children are all enjoying.

Thanks for all your support,

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

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