Our first broadcast of CPN ( Carmondean Primary News) went out this week . This is Primary 7s way of communicating to the rest of the school community during these unprecented times. We are in the midst of creating our own reporting studio , have created our own CPN jingle and are hoping to add some animation to our report intro next week .

We are continuing to calculate area of compound shapes and have examined the properties of rhombus. Did you know that an eleven sided polygon can be called a hendecagon?

Once again primary 7 have inspired us with their mature discussions around our class novel Wonder. This week we have discussed in depth the actions of characters, relating them to real life circumstances and how we would have perhaps dealt with certain situations.


PE – Outdoor Kit Mondays and Thursdays

Homework – spelling words will be given on Mondays with spelling test being carried out in school on Fridays.

All pupils now have a homework jotter to use at home. This should NOT be brought to school unless specifically asked for by teachers. Pupils can use their jotters to do their spelling activities or any other piece of homework rather than typing via teams. Photos of any work within jotters can be uploaded.

Numeracy  – If a specific quiz has not been posted on Teams , we expect pupils to practise their timestables using the methods and games shown in class.

Topic Homework – Due Monday 26th th October .

Thank for your continued support.

Mrs Wylie  and Miss Morris

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