It’s the start of another exciting week in primary 2 / 1 and of course our last week before the holidays.  The children have worked so hard over the past few weeks we’re sure they will be ready for the break!  We start back at school on Wednesday 21st October.


Here are the homework grids for this week. New books will be given out on Monday. Please could you return the reading book in its plastic folder to school every day. We will collect in the books every Friday.  It’s really important that we have all the books in by Friday so that we can put them in quarantine before other reading groups use them.

P1 5th Oct

P2 5th Oct


Last week we had a lot of fun doing measurement in maths – the primary 1s were measuring in the playground using their feet while the primary 2s were using metre sticks to measure themselves and also things in the classroom. This week in maths we will be covering capacity. The primary 1s will be sorting objects according to how much liquid they think they can hold and then will be checking to see if they are right. The primary 2s will be estimating and measuring using litres.


Primary 1

Our new sounds this week are ‘r’ and ‘m’.  It would be really helpful if you could help your child think of words beginning with these letters. We have started to practise ‘blending’ some of the sounds we know, for example to read words like ‘cat’ or ‘sip’.  We will continue to do this, adding in our new sounds. In reading, we are continuing to get to know the characters in our Biff, Chip and Kipper books and to use the pictures to help us understand the story.

Primary 2

The sound we are learning about this week is ‘wh’.  In reading we are continuing to build our confidence when reading unfamiliar words by using the sounds we know and clues from the text to help us. In writing we have been using a ‘describing bubble’ to help us add more detail when describing things. The bubble reminds us to use areas such as texture, size, shape, number and colour to make our writing even more interesting.


It’s really turning autumnal now and we’re going to get out and about this week to look at the signs of Autumn using our senses of sight, hearing and touch.

PE/ Outdoor activities

Outdoor PE continues to be on a Tuesday (with Mrs Muir) and a Wednesday (with Mrs Ferguson).  Thank you so much for ensuring your child is dressed in PE kit on those days. We’re also trying to get outside for learning at other times as much as we can which the children are really enjoying.

Thanks for all your support.  Have a great week!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.



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