This week the pupils have really been pushing themselves hard and they have been finishing this part of the term with a great finish! They have been working on their topic and finishing off the ‘Brain Boards’ inspired by Inside Out. They have created some great representations of their feelings and thinking and they have really pushed their creativity. We have watched Inside Out as part of our topic and have had some great discussions about the themes of the film in terms of emotions and resilience. We also used the films in our writing this week when writing film reviews and they have received glowing reviews from the pupils!

In maths we have been continuing to develop our division skills and they have looked at using times tables and arrays and adapting strategies to different numbers. It has been great to see the growing confidence across the classes with numeracy and we are proud of how hard the pupils have been challenging themselves. They have also been challenging themselves well in reading as we have looked at skimming and scanning and inference skills. The pupils have been whizzing through texts to find the information and have had some lively discussions about what answers might be when inferring, realising that there isn’t always one possible answer.

We are so proud and impressed with the pupils and they have done so well this term. Coming back after lockdown and getting back to some sense of normality was no easy task and the enthusiasm and hard work of the pupils has made everything so much easier. We’d also like to thank all our amazing parents who have been so instrumental in helping the pupils to really hit the ground running and who have worked so hard this term to ensure the success of the pupils in returning to school.

Have a fantastic Easter Holiday and we look forward to seeing you after your well-deserved break!

Thank you,

Miss Clark and Mr Woodward

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