Today is Children in Need day and we are so excited to see the wonderful and colourful things the pupils will come in with today to celebrate and the enthusiasm pupils have had this week with getting the bands, the Duck Race (come on Ducktor Who!) shows what a caring and selfless year group we have. They are full of enthusiasm for helping those in need and we are so proud of them!

We have also been working hard on our persuasive writing and this week was a challenge that was very close to the hearts of all the pupils. They were writing to persuade Miss Clark and Mr Woodward to give them extra playtime! There were some fabulous arguments, both pros for them and pros for us and the quality of writing was superb! They understood the idea of persuasion well and tried every angle to get their extra playtime.

In our topic this week we have been building a zoo! We have mixed maths and topic and have been using a range of quadrilaterals to create shape animals for our zoo. The pupils used their shapes so creatively and there is such an amazing variety of animals! We have also been researching more of our animals and pupils have begun to create their PowerPoints and researching and the skill involved and the confidence the pupils have had in navigating Kiddle for their research and Glow for their PowerPoints is super. They are certainly finding some amazing facts and presenting in some creative ways!


PE Mondays and Fridays

Homework will be posted on Teams and paper copies are available from class teachers.

Thank you for your continued hard work and support. We hope you have an amazing weekend!

Miss Clark and Mr Woodward

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