What a fun-filled week Primary 3 have had.

In topic this week, we learned all about the inside of a pyramid and the children drew their own cross section to show how their own pyramids would look inside. We have also been learning about the Ancient Egyptian letter and number system, hieroglyphics. The children created their own name cartouche using clay by using a key to work out what their names would be written as in Hieroglyphics. This morning, we looked at the number system and attempted to convert some numbers. It was very interesting! We have also learned about the importance of the Rosetta Stone. We hope that the lessons planned for next week will be just as exciting!

In Art this week the children have been finishing their papier Mache for their Egyptian masks. We can not wait to see these when they are completed!

We have been focusing on questioning in reading and trying to come up with some questions of our own that make us think about the answer a little bit more.

We are continuing to develop our persuasive writing skills and this week we wrote to the Pharaoh to ask him to allow everyone to read and write. This is because in Ancient Egypt times only around 10% of the population could read and write and we learned that ladies and girls were not allowed to learn how to read and write.

In ICT today, we learned how to use Glow to send an email. The children all successfully managed to send an email to their teachers and some managed to email each other. Well done!

We were also super impressed at all of the colourful outfits today for Children in Need, well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and take care.

Mr Williamson and Miss Smith.

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