Everyone looked fantastic on Children in Need day in their brightly coloured costumes. We wrote a description of Pudsey during our writing lesson and used lots of different adjectives to describe him.  Thank you for supporting Children in Need.

Here’s an overview of what we will be learning next week.


P1: We will be learning two new sounds – f and o. We’ll be learning to recognise them, write them and think of words which begin with them.  In reading we’ll be identifying and drawing the main parts of a story.

P2: In reading we’ll be learning how to summarise a story by identifying and writing about the main events. Our new sound this week is ‘ai’ and we’ll be spelling lots of different words with this sound.



P1: The children are doing really well with addition and we’ll continue to develop our addition skills this week. We will be introducing the skill of ‘counting on’ this week. For example, for 5+3, when ‘counting on’ we would start at 5 and then count 6,7,8 rather than counting from 1 –  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

P2: P2 are starting to work on number patterns. We’ll be counting up and down in 2s from different numbers and completing patterns with missing numbers. We will also continue to practise our addition strategies during our number talks sessions. These 10 minute sessions encourage the children to talk about the strategies they use to solve numeracy problems.


Last week we found out all about barn owls and started creating our owl fact files. This week we’ll be learning about tawny owls.  Don’t forget to ask us about the amazing facts we have found out about owls!


In PE we will continue to develop our ball skills through throwing, catching and dribbling footballs. PE days are still on a Tuesday and Wednesday and will be outside unless the weather is too poor.


The homework is the same as was issued last week but I’ve attached it here again so it’s easy to find!

P2 9th November home learning                       P1 9th November home learning

Please return reading books to school every day. They will be taken in on a Friday and new books issued on a Monday.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

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