Primary 4 have been hard at work this week and in our animals topic we have some superbly skilled researchers! The presentations they are creating about their chosen animal have started to take shape with great exploration of different presentation themes and some very impressive animations and transitions. We know that when they are presented to the class each and every one of them will wow and inform!

We have continued to develop our knowledge of the division by looking at dividing by 8, linking our times tables and arrays to make sure the pupils hit the ground running and they have been very impressive with how well they have taken to this. In maths we have finished off our shape animal zoos and they results are impressive and the knowledge of maths, patterns, shape, colour and design is fantastic!

In our persuasive writing topic we looked at persuading someone at home to watch a film of their choice! We had some very strong arguments for various films and TV shows across the board and the passion the pupils had to put forward their choices was obvious. They certainly are a very persuasive and convincing group!


PE – Mondays and Fridays

Homework – Posted on Teams on Mondays with paper copies available in school on request.

Thank you for all your hard work and support, have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Clark and Mr Woodward

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