Who knew we would end the week in a blanket of snow! Very exciting but also a reminder of how we are now heading into Winter so a small plea to check your child is wearing lots of layers, appropriate footwear etc as we will still try to get outside as much as possible.

Our PE days currently remain unchanged so this will take place on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Our focus will be on some Xmas running to the North Pole and Hiit training till the end of term followed by some rugby skills in the new year. Also on Friday’s we will be doing our weekly mile. The children need to wear school uniform for this but appropriate footwear for walking.

We began our section of the Nativity yesterday using Ipad animation and the garage band app. The children were very motivated by this and we can’t wait to see the end result and showcase it for you all.

In writing we wrote a persuasive piece on why reading is important and how it prepares us for the world of work. Ask your child some of the reasons we came up with and the language we used to make it persuasive.

In Maths we looked at quadrilateral shapes and the properties of these. Some were a little tricky to distinguish between such as the rhombus and the parallelogram but we will continue this next week.

In French we have been describing ourselves, our hair colour, length and type along with the colour of our eyes. See if your child can remember the phrases and test you, even describe a teacher and see if you can guess who it is!

Have a lovely weekend and you may even get to build a snowman or two today!

Mrs Smith, Ms Matheson & Mrs Jamieson

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