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Well, Primary 7 were looking at the war poets, particularly Wilfred Owen’s masterpiece ‘dulce et decorum est’ and were inspired to try writing their own poems on the subject of war. The results were truly stunning, so much so that the class held a competition to decide on the best work. Mrs Wylie was inspired to ask some veterans of World War II to judge the competition and, after a lot of debate and heart-searching, the veterans decided that instead of a winner, we needed a first, second and third with the other entries being highly commended. Here, for your delectation, are the winning entries:

Winner: Elizabet Dinolova

No Peace until the Eleventh Hour

Boys under eighteen going to the battlefield to fight for their country.

Blood marks from brave soldiers and noises loud enough to make you go deaf.

I am sitting waiting to fight, the fear in me taking over my happy memories.

Please let me go home; please don’t let me be scared.

I will fight, fight for my friends, fight until I take my last breath.

Hearing that there will be no peace until the eleventh hour.

By Elizabet


Second Place: Lily Bolton

I’ll Never See the Light Again

Several months on the battlefield

Only to perish by guns and bombs

Little territory has been claimed

Desperate soldiers trying to survive

Impaled soldiers dying by the second

Everlasting gunshots over our heads

Racing against time but I think mine is up .

By Lily


Third Place: Rosie Chapman

Before It Ends

A day on the battlefield feeling tired and wet.

Begging for peace and some new boots.

Cries for help and guns fill my head.

Digging my way out of the toxic clouds.

Endless sorrow for soldiers’ lost lives.

Figuring out what I did wrong.

Grabbing my last breath before my death.

By Rosie


Highly Commended: Liam Jansen

The Last Breath

Marching in the trenches, sludge, sludge, sludge.

The sound of planes flying across the battlefield.

A horrific sight, blood spewing from the sodden bodies

With the taste of mud crawling in your mouth.

GET DOWN! GET DOWN! Pleading from the far end.

Explosion after explosion. Caring for others and not themselves.

Standing behind the wagon, head hanging with blood dripping from the nose,

Terrifying sights, witnessing the last breath.

By Liam


Highly Commended: Megan Davies


I didn’t panic, I really believed

That I would be devoted to the war.

Oh, I was so wrong; this is the place where panic was conceived,

Everyone feels alienated in this trench.

Our dear Captain, he was betrayed,

No one is laughing, we are all tearful.

We all set up a grave for him,

Crying and ashamed, we are all mournful.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it .

So vile, I am going to be crushed.

Family I need you, I want you.

Remember me forever, life is rushed.

By Megan


Highly Commended: Max Bolton

Winning the Fight

All in, we’re almost there!

Boys come on we’ve got to win!

Come on for our sons and daughters,

Destruction and death, all for peace.

Earth will tremble with our victory today.

Flaming buildings, towns in ruins but it’s over, we have won.

Glory and greatness awaits us boys,

Heroes beyond our lifetimes, true glory my friends.

In just a few more days, they will surrender.

Jerries sent running back home

Children back home will thank us always.

Land destroyed, millions dead.

Men deserve better than this.

Remember, never forgot, the 11th of November.

By Max


Worthy winners all – well done Primary 7

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