Hello everyone,

We have had another fantastic week in Primary 3. Miss Smith and I can’t quite believe we are in March already!

This week we have been research and learning all about some creatures that live in the ocean. We worked in groups to research the creatures and found out where in the ocean they live, what they like to eat, what they look like and found some other interesting facts. We then started creating leaflets where we plan to include all of this new information. See attached some pictures of our new class aquarium… Don’t you think it looks awesome! The children absolutely love the shark! Also, we have some new members of our class… Sea Monkeys! We are very excited to see how they will grow and live over the next three weeks.

Reading has very much focused on the reciprocal reading strategies. We looked at how to take notes for each of the strategies and summarised an information text about polar bears. Did you know that polar bear cubs leave their mothers at just two years old?

We have started our new genre of Writing. This is report writing and we are now familiar with our new targets. Over the next few weeks we will be writing reports about a range of different things.

In Numeracy, we have been continuing with our vertical multiplication. We are so impressed with the resilience that everyone is showing as this can be quite a tricky strategy to learn. In Maths, we have started looking at money. We know what most of the coins and notes are, and have started to add some together to make different amounts.

A very successful learning week indeed.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Williamson and Miss Smith

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