Hello everyone! What another fantastic week we have been having in Primary 3.

In Numeracy, we have been learning all about vertical addition. The children are really progressing well with this, and we had a discussion about how now that they know this strategy, they can use it to add any amounts of numbers together. We even looked at adding two millions numbers together! In our Maths this week, we were learning about how to calculate change and using our repeated addition strategy to help us work out some problems.

Our reading has been looking at non-fiction texts and we have been very impressed with the reciprocal reading strategies that the children have been using, and very independently now as well!

In writing, we wrote an information report all about electricity, how to keep safe when using it, and what the different symbols mean.  Everyone has been trying so hard to meet the targets.

In Topic, we have been looking at pollution in the ocean, the dangers of it and we came up with some ideas for how we can make a difference, so that the poor ocean animals do not get harmed. We have started our animation project about this. Look out for these being shared on Seesaw in the coming weeks!

The classes were very interested in the Science that we did this morning, looking at conductors and insulators. We experimented with different items to identify whether they allowed for the flow of electricity, or whether they blocked the flow.

Please view Seesaw for some pictures of the super hero day, as well as videos of the science project.

PE days- these are now Wednesday and Thursday. The change to Wednesday is due to timetable shifts.

Have a lovely, well deserved weekend. (Lets hope the sun shines for us all!)

Mr Williamson and Miss Smith.

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