Welcome back! It is great to be back in school and to see everyone again. Everyone seems to have settled back into the school routine.

At the moment we are continuing the Space topic that we begun during lock down. This week we learned about the 1969 moon landing and Neil Armstrong. To finish off the topic, next week we will be making models of either the International Space Station or the Saturn v rocket. We can’t wait to see the amazing models !

In science we have been looking at the solar system. The pupils have been divided into groups and are each researching a different planet. Once this is completed, each group is going to make a wall display to show their findings to the others.

In Numeracy we are learning about fractions. Some of the class have been working out the fraction of an amount and others have begun work on simplifying fractions. A knowledge of the multiplication tables makes fraction work so much easier, so any work done on this at home would be of great benefit.

A quick reminder that gym is on Wednesday and Thursday. This will normally take place outside.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way,

The Primary 6 teachers



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