We have had lots of fun this week in Primary 1!

We have enjoyed exploring our dinosaur topic in more detail this week. We learned all about palaeontologists and the skills they need for work. We looked into Mary Anning and explored a fun drama where we had to find fossils and use tools to collect them. We learned about mixing primary colours and used this knowledge to create dinosaur artwork. We loved using mixed media to create our final designs! We explored palaeontology in our play this week too and the children were challenged to dig out dinosaurs from blocks of ice. We packed a palaeontologist’s bag and created a dinosaur fact file on a diplodocus in our writing.

In literacy we have been exploring questioning in our reading and have been learning the sound ‘ng’. We made crowns for a king and explored this sound through our jolly phonics programme. In maths we have been learning about time (o’clock and half past on an analogue and digital clock). We made our own clocks and have been playing many fun games to help us learn about time. We were also learning about the Easter Story and sequenced this story from beginning to end. We had lots of fun doing this!

Miss Daun and Miss Christy

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