Hello everyone!

We have loved welcoming everyone back to school and have had a busy few weeks!

Our World War 2 topic is in full swing! Last week Primary 7 were learning about why the war started and the Allied and Axis powers. We listened to Neville Chamberlain declaring war with Germany and then created a newspaper report about this historic moment. This week, everyone has been given a new WWII identity! In their new family groups, the pupils have been working hard to design their home and character profiles. Our families have all been given a location (London or Clydebank) and we cannot wait to explore this further other the next few weeks! Our reading is also WWII themed for this block with P7M reading ‘I Am David’ and P7W reading ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’.

In Numeracy, we have been learning about negative numbers. We now know what an integer is and how to accurately read and use thermometers with different scales. Some have also practised using negative numbers in relation to money.

In Art, P7W created marvelous space pictures with Mr Shanks last week! P7M looked at one-point perspective drawings and created our own. We had to draw a horizon line and lines of perspective to help us make it look like the objects in the distance were far away!

A little reminder that we have P.E. on a Monday and Thursday. Currently, Primary 7 are developing their leadership skills through a variety of team games (this has required a lot of listening!).

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Wylie and Miss Morris.

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