What a fun week in Primary 1!

This week in maths we have been learning all about position and movement. We created grid maps for our Bee Bots and programmed them to move to different areas on the map. We had lots of fun using the Bee Bots, practising coding skills and using vocabulary such as ‘forwards, backwards, left and right’. In phonics we were learning the  sound ‘wh’ and we made whales using wax resist materials and practised writing questions using ‘where, why, when and who’. We were learning to comprehend our story in reading by splitting our text into a beginning and an end. We were also asked questions about our story to check our understanding.

This week, we were writing about the plesiosaurs and had the opportunity to explore how the dinosaurs became extinct. We have also been enjoying playing with dinosaurs and exploring the skills of a paleontologist in our role play play corner. In science we have been looking at the water cycle and explored what happens to water when it is cooled and heated. We used our prediction skills to guess what was going to happened and compared our predictions to our results.

Thank you for all of your continued support,

Miss Christy and Miss Daun

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