Hello everyone,

What a busy few weeks we have been having across Primary 3!

Our garden topic is well and truly underway. We now have a garden centre in the classroom (look out for some pictures.) The children have been learning about what living things (plants and babies) need to grow. They have each planted their own seeds (one in a bag on the window and one which will be kept in out new greenhouse.) Both classes will be taking responsibility for caring for their plants and looking after the greenhouse and garden area.

In Maths, we have been continuing to look at measure. This week we were looking at mass and using scales to weigh different objects. We made estimates for how many grams or kilograms each object would weigh before placing them on the scales to find out the exact measurement.  In Numeracy, we have been revising our vertical multiplication strategy. We are continuing to look at this next week.

In Reading, we have been looking at features of non-fiction texts. This week, the children answered some questions made up from others in the class about their reading books.

This week, we have been looking at the features of a church for RME. The children were tasked to create their own church, making sure to include some of the features that we learned about. We will send some pictures of the churches when the children are finished creating them.


  • Homework will be sent out again on Monday 10th May 2021. Please can we remind everyone to return all reading books, if they have not already done so, by Monday.
  • PE is continuing to run on a Tuesday and Wednesday

We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

As always, please to not hesitate to get in touch with us via the school office if you have any questions,

Mr Williamson and Miss Donaldson.

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