What a fun week we’ve had in primary 1!

We are starting our new farming topic in school and the children were asked what they would like to learn and what new farming play areas they would like in the classroom. We are going to be learning all about Scottish arable and pastoral farming, farm yard animals and the food that is grown on a farm. The children asked for a farm shop which we have started implementing in our classrooms. In science we were learning all about how a plant grows and what it needs for survival. We planted our own wheat seeds from RHET and we watered the seeds to help them grow. We were writing about each step in the plant growing process and how they seeds germinate and grow a stem, roots and finally bloom into a flower. In maths this week we have been learning about data handling. We went outside to the field to collect data about how many cars passed by the school. We used tally marks to record each colour of each and then presented this information on a bar chart. We were also learning about venn diagrams and were asked to find items in the classroom to put into the correct hoop. In literacy we were learning about the ‘ee’ sound and created a bee craft.

We’ve really enjoyed all of the fun learning activities this week!

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Christy and Miss Daun

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