Primary 4 has been a hotbed of hard work and creativity this week. We’ve been revising and learning new French words all to do with the weather. With the unpredictability of the weather this week, although maybe typical for Scotland, we have certainly seen a huge range to talk about in French.

We’ve been developing our knowledge of mini-beasts and using videos to take notes and create something new. There was no squeamishness when they were shown videos of insects crawling around and they created some great detailed notes in pairs. They also looked at colour wheels and creating Sways which will be used later on in the term to create creepy crawly based presentations and art work.

Doing greater than/ less than in maths we have been introduced to the Number Croc! Pupils quickly got to grips with knowing which way the jaws of our Croc faced, always open jaws to the biggest number. We’ve also continued to develop our knowledge of place value using 4 digit and 5 digit numbers.  Pupils are becoming more and more confident as they continue to learn and the effort they are showing is super.

We had a nostalgic time in writing this week thinking about our last birthdays. Pupils reminisced about what they got up to, who they were with and the food they had and it was a joy to listen to their enthusiastic recounts. We have continued to read Charlotte’s Web and in predicting how Charlotte saves Wilbur we had some wild, wonderful and very imaginative stories!


As Monday is a holiday we will be doing PE Tuesday and Thursday this week.

If there is any help required with the homework please post on Teams in the Ask the Teacher section or ask us when you’re in class and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for all your hard work and support, enjoy your long weekend!

Miss Clark and Mr Woodward

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