Hi everyone!

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. Primary 7 have been VERY busy this week!

First, we had some contact with the High School. We were invited to a call with Mr Small and the Heads of House where they introduced themselves and launched the fun House Challenge. Everyone found out which house they are in and have already made a fantastic effort to earn stars that will be turned into points. We then had another call with the English department for a Reciprocal Reading lesson. We focussed on predicting this week and everyone was very engaged. They left us on a cliffhanger so we cannot wait for our call next week!

As if that was not exciting enough, we also had our Sports Day this week! Despite a different set up this year, everyone still had a brilliant time and the rain stayed away (yippee!). The scores were extremely close in the end but Sutherland were the champions – well done to you all!

In between all of this, Primary 7 have been busy preparing for our Carnival that is fast approaching.  We’ve also managed to squeeze in Maths, Literacy and World War 2 work too! P7M learned more about Anne Frank and tried to imagine how she felt when she went into hiding. In her diary, she told us what items she had chosen to pack so we thought about what three items we would have picked if we were in her position. Like Anne Frank, many chose things that would bring them comfort and help keep them entertained.


  • Those who are in any of the Enhanced Transition groups have been invited to visit DCHS on Monday for a tour of the school.
  • Camp Carmondean will take place next Wednesday (2nd June). Please make sure you come to school wearing clothes suitable for being outdoors. We will be outside all day so a waterproof jacket and sensible shoes that you do not mind getting a bit dirty are a must.

You deserve a restful weekend P7! See you all on Monday.

Mrs Wylie and Miss Morris

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