We’ve had another great week in primary 1!

Thank you to everyone that assisted us this week with our junk modelling scarecrows! We had a blast using lots of different recycled materials in creative ways to make our very own scarecrow. We used plant pots, bottles, cardboard, cloth, cardboard box packaging, glue and masking tape to create our models. The children were shown lots of examples but were challenged to do this independently. We had lots of fun doing this! We were also learning all about arable farms this week and were challenged to create our own arable farm maps and draw the food that is grown on this type of farm on a healthy food plate.

We were learning all about the ‘ai’ sound this week and created our own trains. We consolidated our coin recognition this week and were working out the change we would receive when paying for an item with 10p. We sorted coins into the correct category and we were challenged to use the correct change at our farm shop during play time.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Christy and Miss Daun

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