This week we have seen our caterpillars grow and become chrysalids! The pupils are all very excited that the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly is beginning and hopefully very soon we will have our beautiful butterflies.  During our topic, we have been researching intently looking at different mini beasts which have been started to be put into Sways to present to each other. There has been some very detailed research and we are looking forward to learning lots of new information.

We have continued to look at analogue time in maths and have been looking at minutes past and minutes to the hour and the pupils have picked it up in no time. They have been enthusiastic about learning about the time and we have made our own clocks to tell the time with. We have also been rounding in 10s and 100s with good confidence.

We’re nearing the end of Charlotte’s Web and we’re hoping for a lovely happy ending for all the animals. We created menus for Templeton the rat with the scraps at the fair and it’s safe to say that all menus were suitably and horrifically disgusting!

Over the last couple of weeks we have had presentations from our Chanter and Brass teachers and there has been a real musical buzz from the pupils. There should be a group call going out at some point in the near future to give more information.


PE: Monday and Thursday

Thank you for all your support and effort, have a great weekend,

Miss Clark and Mr Woodward

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